Welcome to the sparkling, pristine home of the Alt Air Restaurant – Victoria’s premiere home for fine, pollutant-free dining.

Our mission is simple: to provide clean, healthy food that humans were actually meant to eat, while providing an alternate atmosphere to the dirty, soot-riddled world our poor patron’s lungs are subjected to outside of the Alt Air establishment. Our restaurant is completely insulated from the pollutants that plague the modern world, with the highest-grade of air filters used to separate the outside from the inside.

These air filters are cleaned daily and replaced monthly, so our patrons know they’re receiving only the best quality air with every breath they choose to take with us.

Our food is similarly pristine, without GMO’s or pesticides clogging our vegetables, and meat from animals raised with care on a small family farm just a few kilometres away from the Alt Air Restaurant’s tables. These animals are raised from birth and fed to the same standards our guests are, with the same purified and clean vegetables and fruits that stock our state-of-the-art kitchen.

This ensures their meat – as well as being tenderly handled, cooked and served by our team of world-class chefs – is clean; some guests are shocked when they can taste the difference, even to other gourmet dining experiences they’ve had in the past.

If you like the sound of quality, clean fine dining that won’t leave a bad taste in your mouth or bloodstream, then make sure to visit the Alt Air Restaurant the next time you’re in our airspace!

We take bookings for weekday services over the phone, but weekend or special occasions/functions can be organised via our online contact form.