About Us

The Alt Air Story

The Alt Air Restaurant was originally conceived by Chef Cléon Rodan and Chef Guillermo DaVille, two industry-leading chefs with decades of experience under their aprons. They would meet often for lunch at gourmet restaurants around the city they both called home, as well as famed spots across Australia when they happened to be travelling together.

One day, Chef DaVille felt ill after a particularly delicious steak, and went out onto the street for some fresh air. But as he watched the lines and lines of cars sitting in gridlock traffic around him, pouring pollutants into the air, he realised that he’d never had a breath of fresh air in his life.

He rushed back in and told Chef Rodan about an incredible new idea he’d just had – the Alt Air Restaurant, a dining experience that was as clean as could be. They both rushed back to their respective restaurants, covered the dinner shifts and never returned. 

For nearly a decade, the Alt Air Restaurant has been a part of their family, every part of it designed to provide good, clean food without any trace of the filth of the modern world on the plate. 

Come join the Alt Air family today – and if you have any questions for our two Head Chefs, get in touch via our online contact form at any time.