Eye Surgery Doubts

Eye Surgery Doubts

‘Wait a second, wait a second,’ I put a hand up to stop my husband talking, rubbing my temples with the other. ‘What are you telling me right now?’

‘I just think there’s a better option here,’ he said. ‘It’s a risky procedure.’

‘Why didn’t you say this before I’d scheduled it?!’ I growled at him.

‘I didn’t want to upset you!’ he protested. As I glared, I reflected that he might not have a strong, complete grasp on the concept of irony.

‘Well,’ I started, soothing myself with a deep sigh. ‘I’ve been to the best optometrist around Cheltenham, and I’ve been to the worst – all of them have told me that this surgery is safe, routine and the best option to fix my eyes.’

‘There’s nothing wrong with your eyes!’ he said, rushing over to grab my hand.

‘Uh… I can’t see out of them, Steve.’

‘I love your glasses though,’ he said.

‘Then I’ll let you keep them,’ I told him, pulling my hand away. ‘After my surgery.’

‘Fine, fine,’ he sighed, slumping down on the couch. ‘I just hope you know what you’re doing.’

‘All I’m doing is going to sleep on a table,’ I laughed. ‘It’s the doctors doing the surgery who need to know what they’re doing.’

‘Oh no, you’re actually awake,’ my boyfriend mentioned offhand, picking up a magazine and thumbing through it.

‘What’s that now?’

‘They keep you awake during your surgery,’ he said, looking up at me. ‘You didn’t know that?’

I glared at him trying to suss out if he was lying or not.

‘So you’re saying this eye care clinic, near Brighton…’

‘They’re going to keep you conscious while they do the surgery, yeah,’ Steve nodded casually. ‘I’m sure it’s fine though. Unless… nah, forget I said it.’

‘I’m about to hurt you,’ I seethed, fingers tightening around my handbag strap. ‘You know that right?’

‘Woah, woah,’ he said, raising his hands in innocence. ‘Don’t shoot the messenger here.’