Letting The Plumber In

Letting The Plumber In

I’m in a rush. A big rush. In fact, I’m in such a rush that I really shouldn’t be writing this blog post at the moment. It’s definitely not a good use of my time, especially when I walk significantly slower when I’m typing on my phone. I should probably be running home at this point, rather than just walking. Why am I in a rush? Well, in just under five minutes, a plumber is coming to my house to deal with my blocked drains. Local to Fairfield, which is where I live, there has been a massive problem with blocked drains recently and unfortunately, I’m not immune toit. 

I wanted to get the problem fixed as soon as possible, which is why I accepted the first available appointment offered to me by the drain plumber. I probably shouldn’t have done that, seeing as I’ve put myself under such intense time pressure as a result. I’m definitely not going to get to my house in time which means I won’t be able to show the plumber the problem quick enough. This is going to throw out his schedule which will probably put him behind for the rest of his Friday. If he has to get out of work late on Friday because of me, he’s not going to be happy. I certainly wouldn’t be happy if roles were reversed.    

Okay, I’m just over half way home. I’m not going to make it in time, that’s for sure. But I’m in a better position than I was five minutes ago. I’ve really picked up the pace since I decided to play my favourite song out loud on my phone. I didn’t have time to get my earphones, time is money at this point. 

I hope I don’t end up having a larger problem than I expect this to be. Imagine if I had a blocked sewer. Melbourne plumbers are obviously equipped to deal with stuff like this, but I don’t want to have to pay any extra money than I’ve budgeted for. Especially when problems with the plumbing aren’t even my fault!

Anyway, bye!!!!