Perfect Balustrades

Perfect Balustrades

Perhaps the most amusing thing about being able to turn invisible was the ability to hide behind completely transparent panes of glass. Of course, Iris could hide wherever she felt like it, but something just felt that little bit more secure about having a physical barrier between her and her target.

That target, today, was the leader of the Zircon Clan. He was an elusive man, using the many secret passages of his huge New Adelaide building to move about unseen. The Director never stayed in one place too long, almost like he knew he was being watched. By the time Iris often found his new location, he was already on the move again. Perhaps she’d need Hop to design a tracking device to keep up with the eccentric man.

The only chance she really had to gather intel on the Director came at lunch, which he always took at the same place, eating the chicken caesar salad made by his adoptive son, Jesse Destine. Despite the obvious tension between the two, Jesse continued to make the salads without fail – at least on the days that Iris was around to gather the data.

Now watching the Director from behind the glass balustrade of the building’s roof – a glass balustrade that anybody capable of residential glazing would have been impressed by – Iris hoped to get even a glimpse at what this man was all about. So far, she hadn’t found any dirt on him whatsoever. Other than the fact that he’d probably hired a brilliant glass balustrades business operating in Melbourne to install the balustrade she was behind now, and that wasn’t really anything worth writing home about. 

It genuinely seemed that the Director was a kindly old man with a vision for a better society, even if he was perhaps a tad too idealistic for his own good. Like the balustrades, he was simply too perfect. Iris had seen people at their absolute worst time and time again. She knew the darkness that plagued humanity all too well. Everybody had a twisted secret to hide. She just had to figure out what the Director’s one was.