Shoulder Replacement Distraction

Shoulder Replacement Distraction

Well, I’ll be! What a week I’ve had!

It started with me taking a small tumble in the backyard – don’t listen to my Emma if she ever tells you vegetables are good for you! I tripped over our crop of carrots and went smack, straight into the dirt! I’ve never been so embarrassed!

Luckily I was able to get myself inside and to a doctor, but he told me that I might be better off seeing a shoulder injury specialist near Melbourne (although he didn’t recommend one specifically – apparently the shoulder specialists near Melbourne are just better?). Oh, he was so kind though, Doctor Martine. He has a real knack for making you relax and not worry about the blinding pain shooting through your arm.

I still had all these questions he wasn’t able to answer for me because our time ran out. So there I am, on the bus home because I’m not allowed to drive, and I remember something my grandkids showed me a few Christmases ago – you can actually look things up on your phone these days! It’s incredible, really, what technology can do. So I start to do some quick searches here and there, looking up the benefits of shoulder replacement surgery and how it might help me recover as much use of my arm back as possible.

Before I know it, the bus driver is honking at me to hop out – end of the line! I’ve overshot my house by a good ten stops!

Feeling awfully silly, I called my daughter to see if she could pick me up. She arrived with a terrible look on her face, and I had to explain that I hadn’t forgotten which one was my stop, I’d been distracted by my phone. If that was cause to put someone in a nursing home, it wouldn’t be my generation filling the beds!

She dropped me off, sweet girl, and made me some quick dinner with the carrots while I explained to her what had happened.