Sport and Orthotics

Sport and Orthotics

Sport is great for so many reasons. Keeping fit helps your mind stay fast and strong, and moving around regularly helps your body stay flexible and makes it easier to complete your daily tasks and routines. I’ve been doing sport since I was young, which means that I have many skills in many different areas.

When I first started to play sport, I had to wear semi custom shoe insert orthotics because my feet were apparently some of the “flattest feet” the podiatrist had ever seen. I had been complaining about having sore feet, so my parents took me to the podiatrist to get everything sorted out. Since I played so much sport and enjoyed doing so, it was important for me to keep my body in the best possible condition it could be.

In addition to orthotics, I trained for each of my sports a minimum of once per week. This gave me the variety I needed to excel in many different ways. I tried seemingly everything: basketball, tennis, football, cross country and swimming, among many others. Although I was certainly no prodigy, basketball was something I really enjoyed, since it required a number of different skills.

I visited one of the best podiatry clinics Cheltenham has as a way to constantly ensure my feet were in the best possible condition. I visited massage experts and physiotherapists to keep my muscles strong and my body free from injury.

It does take a lot of work and dedication to be a successful athlete in any sport; it’s certainly not for people who don’t enjoy it or are not passionate about it. I think if you don’t completely love a sport, it’s probably not worth your time to keep playing it. You could certainly play sport for fun, but if you wanted to go to the Olympics or something you probably shouldn’t try that unless you really like that sport. You would basically have to train every single day, and that’s no fun unless you really like what you are doing.