Air Conditioning Regret

Air Conditioning Regret

I wiped a bead of sweat from my forehead and bemoaned, for potentially the thousandth time, that I’d never gotten my aircon fixed during the winter.

It was winter! Who fixes an air conditioner in winter?!

         Smart people was the answer I now subscribed to.

         I got up from my desk, thinking that maybe it was just my office getting all of the sun and that the rest of the house might be cooler. I was wrong – if anything, my office was an oasis from the rest of my sweltering rooms. The kitchen seemed like it was particularly angry with me, it was so hot. I glanced apprehensively at my stovetop, deciding then and there that I would be ordering takeout for tonight.

         ‘I bet there’s tons of people looking for a company in Canberra to fix an air conditioning unit right now,’ I grumbled to myself, fixated to an extent I hadn’t even realised. ‘It’ll take weeks before anyone is free. Maybe months.’

         I laughed at the thought – maybe I’d be getting the aircon fixed in winter after all.

         I reluctantly returned to my desk, determined to get some work done. Like an idiot, I’d left my door open as I’d explored the rest of my sun-baked house, and now my oasis had vanished, the cool air whisked away and replaced with the same ripple of heat that permeated the other rooms.

         I sat down at my keyboard for all of five seconds before I gave up for the day. I decided to just look up an air conditioning quote for my area; pretending to be productive was all I had left.

         Air conditioning repairs quote, Canberra,’ I murmured to myself, typing the words into the search bar. I sighed, scrolling through a long list of options, and began scrawling down a bunch of local numbers.

         ‘Well, then,’ I sighed, with a glance at the setting sun. ‘At least it’ll keep me busy until it gets cooler tonight.’

         I picked up my phone and started dialling.