Need Extra Support

Need Extra Support

It’s easy to neglect our health as we age. I think a big part of it comes from not wanting to accept the fact we’re getting older. I think I’m a great example of this mindset. I’ve been managing a chronic illness for the last two years. My illness requires regular check-ups and monitoring. While I do stay on top of my appointments, that’s all I do to support the progression of this illness. Sometimes I like to ignore what is going on, because the more I ignore it, the less it feels it has a hold on me.

Lately I’ve been feeling quite isolated and alone. I know I’m struggling more with my illness, and I’m finally starting to come to terms with this. I’m beginning to acknowledge that I do need additional support to effectively manage my condition. After some research to figure out my next steps, I decided to look for a trusted community nursing service in Adelaide.

I reached out to a local community nursing service that offers home visits and ongoing care management. Luckily, they had availability and were able to offer me just the support I needed. To start the care program, they arrange for a registered nurse to visit my home for a meeting. We worked together in this meeting to determine which areas of my life need the most support. She then used this information to create a customised care plan that addressed my personalised needs. 

As this is an NDIS community nursing service provider, I know I am getting some of the best care the country has to offer. The nurse is also providing me with ongoing education about my health to help me manage my condition more effectively. To be honest, I wish I did this sooner. I actually feel a lot less stressed and debilitated by my condition. I genuinely feel like I have control of my life once again, and that I am no longer ruled by my illness. 

The nurse has also become a trusted friend that I can exchange meaningful stories with each time she comes to visit.