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‘How many times do we have to do this?’ I sighed, fighting the urge to toss my auction paddle onto the road. Instead, I squeezed it, tightly – so tight my wife had to almost wrench it from my grip to give it to the real estate agent wandering around the throng of disappointed would-be buyers. ‘As many times as it takes,’ she sighed, patting me on the arm and leading me gently back to our car. ‘I feel like we’re playing a rigged game,’ I stewed. ‘That house was perfect for us.’ ‘Maybe,’ she said, amicable as ever. ‘But I bet it was perfect for them too. Hopefully they enjoy it, as much as we were going to.’ We turned back and looked at the two middle-aged bald men in suits who had won the auction with an outrageous bid well above asking price. ‘Yeah, I’m sure the multinational…

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