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                    ‘How exactly am I supposed to get warm now?’ I groaned into my phone, collapsing onto my bed to emphasise my despair. ‘Buy a blanket, like a regular poor person,’ my sister laughed from the other end of the line. I frowned at her, rolling onto my stomach. ‘That’s cruel.’ ‘What is?’ she asked. ‘You, essentially telling me to suck it up,’ I said. ‘Exactly how many palm trees can you see from your hotel room right now?’ She went quiet for a moment, except for some hushed mumbling. ‘Seventeen,’ she eventually confirmed. ‘But I’m sure they’re out of season. For the tourists, y’know.’ ‘That island only has one season, and you know it,’ I growled. ‘True,’ she sighed. ‘Too hot. It’s always too hot.’ ‘I hate you.’ ‘I know,’ she laughed. ‘Look, if it’s bothering you that bad, why…

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