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I’ve been out of a coma for ninety-two hours now. Yes, I am counting hours. It’s a weird time for me. I feel like I have woken from the best sleep of my life, but I also feel like I’m struggling to be happy. In the last ninety-two hours, I have done a lot of thinking. I’ve been wondering about what would’ve happened if I didn’t wake up. What if I was in a coma for years on end? Would my family have kept coming for me? Or would they have simply gotten sick of the hassle? I’m not sure. What I am sure of is I feel oddly peeved at them, and for the most unbelievable reason too. I’m peeved because my parents never bought me a high-quality outdoor trampoline. Man, I wanted an outdoor trampoline so bad! I’ll never understand why they didn’t get one. We had plenty…

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